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Knitting Patterns

Tiny Mouse Scarf
Tiny Mouse Scarf $7.50
Sunset Pullover
Sunset Pullover $10.00
Sparkling Silk Necklace
Sparkling Silk Necklace $5.50
Simone Scarf
Simone Scarf $7.50
Sidereal Shawl
Sidereal Shawl $9.00
Seraglio Cowl
Seraglio Cowl $7.50
Scottie Scarf
Scottie Scarf $7.50
Sarafan Vest
Sarafan Vest $9.50
Sandi Cat Cushion
Sandi Cat Cushion $7.50
Rumple Catkin Socks
Rumple Catkin Socks $8.00
Ring Around The Rhombus
Ring Around The Rhombus $7.50
Razamataz Knee Highs!
Razamataz Knee Highs! $8.00
Raindrops Wrist Warmer Pattern
Raindrops Wrist Warmer Pattern $5.50
Queen Anne's Lace Socks
Queen Anne's Lace Socks $8.00
Paris Nights Cocoon
Paris Nights Cocoon $10.00
Oui Tank Top
Oui Tank Top $9.50
Orient Express Stole
Orient Express Stole $9.00
Orenburg Rhapsody
Orenburg Rhapsody $9.00
One O'Clock Jump Sweater
One O'Clock Jump Sweater $10.00
Morse Code Cowl
Morse Code Cowl $7.50
Jagger Shawl
Jagger Shawl $9.00
Inspired Stole / Cowl
Inspired Stole / Cowl $9.00
In Flight Shawl
In Flight Shawl $9.00
Ice Blink Socks
Ice Blink Socks $8.00
iCat Cowl
iCat Cowl $7.50
Honeycomb Mobius Cowl
Honeycomb Mobius Cowl $7.50
Free Spirit Socks
Free Spirit Socks Free
Elegant Evening Scarf
Elegant Evening Scarf $7.50
Chocolate Cherry Parfait Socks
Chocolate Cherry Parfait Socks $8.00
Ceylon Shawl & Gauntlets
Ceylon Shawl & Gauntlets $9.00
Cat's Paw Toe-Up Socks
Cat's Paw Toe-Up Socks $8.00
Catnip Hat
Catnip Hat $7.50
Cat's Paw Shrug
Cat's Paw Shrug $9.50
Cat's Paw Shawl
Cat's Paw Shawl $9.00
Cat Walk Socks
Cat Walk Socks $8.00
Cat Conference Hat
Cat Conference Hat $7.50
Cat and Mouse Hat
Cat and Mouse Hat $7.50
Beauvais $8.00
Awakenings EBook
Awakenings EBook $22.00
Aquila Capelet
Aquila Capelet $9.50
Miramar Shawlette
Miramar Shawlette $9.00
Meow Woof Cowl
Meow Woof Cowl $7.50
Memories of Estonia Shawl
Memories of Estonia Shawl $9.00
Mahla Cardigan
Mahla Cardigan $10.00