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Lascaux DK Fall/Winter 2021 Pattern Collection - E-Book

Lascaux DK Fall/Winter 2021 Pattern Collection - E-Book

This year in 2021, we rounded out our very special Lascaux yarn line with a DK weight yarn, and are celebrating it’s creation with a pattern collection of five pieces that are sure to delight! Like the other yarns in the Lascaux line, Lascaux DK incorporates the natural colour, loft and cushiness of Manx Loaghtan Wool, a rare iron-age sheep breed from the Isle of Man, together with the drape, lustre, and silkiness of Punta Arenas Wool, a modern Corridale sheep from Chile. Lascaux DK has a story to tell; bringing together Old World and New World fibres, and connecting us to each other and to our history as crafters as it does so.

This DK weight yarn has been designed to have just the right twist to give great stitch definition for cables and texture while retaining enough rustic character to allow for easy slip stitch and other colourwork techniques. This custom design makes Lascaux DK the ideal all-purpose yarn, and this collection shows off its’ versatility beautifully while allowing you to tell your own story as you work through these patterns.

To create the collection we invited a group of talented designers with backgrounds from around the world to swatch with the new yarn and to design something that would showcase their talents and the yarn at the same time. We think they’ve done a brilliant job and they have created five classic designs that will stand the test of time and provide enjoyment for many years to come. In a year that has continued to bring us challenges (including pandemic case counts increasing again, requiring safety considerations to limit our options in photography sessions), we have cherished the willingness of staff and designers to rally together and make a great project happen. We hope that you will enjoy knitting your way through these pieces, and that the colours and textures will bring joy and comfort into your day!

 This e-book includes the following patterns:

  • Roman Villa Shawl by Caroline Sommerfeld
  • Matsu Hat by Duke of Nikko
  • Pachira Pullover by Michelle Porter
  • Pleiades Pullover by Kristen TenDyke
  • Swift Current Stole by Nadya Stallings