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Blog Posts - Ancient Arts Yarns

The Barb Brown – Toque: A Canadian Thing, Eh?

22 September, 2016 |

When I was 21 years old, I headed off to Scotland in April. I was well-equipped for the weather, since I lived on the very northern tip of Vancouver Island. My regular wardrobe for April at home had all the perfect garments! First day, taking the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh, I left my toque …

The Barb Brown: Inspiration – The Long and Short of It

18 August, 2016 |

Where does inspiration come from? For me, inspiration comes flying from just about anywhere, and shows up in various states of completion. Often it’s a medley of memories, colours, and history that all come together into one overall idea. Sometimes, I have no idea where it comes from! A great example of such a medley …

Valentine’s Day Inspiration

09 February, 2016 |

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’d like to share some of our favourite yarn, colours and patterns inspired by the day of love, all of which are certainly Cupid-approved! First, let’s talk colour. Reds and pinks are what most of us think about for Valentine’s day: for a traditional approach, Fire in the Belly, …

Quick Gifts for the Holidays

01 December, 2015 |

It’s the first day of December, but no need to hit the panic button just yet – we’ve got plenty of fun, giftable pattern ideas to whip up for those knitworthy AND crochetworthy folks on your holiday gift list! We’ve conveniently sorted each pattern suggestion by yarn base so that you can grab your favourite …