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Visit Ancient Arts Yarns + Dye Studio - 607 Manitou Road SE, Calgary, Alberta

Visit Ancient Arts Yarns + Dye Studio - 607 Manitou Road SE, Calgary, Alberta

THE Barb Brown: Holiday Knitting!

I will tell anyone who asks me about Holiday Knitting that I never go down that road. I don’t knit gifts for the Holidays. Not this knitter! Nope. Never.

And that, my friends, is what we, members of the knitting world, call a big fat lie. I don’t knit gifts…except for a couple of pair of socks. Maybe a toque. Well, there was that shawl, but that was just a random knit, and then I needed just one more gift and there it was, already half done. Well, a quarter done. Okay, I had the yarn!


My family is extremely well trained. If my flights of fancy have carried me away on their wings to suppose I CAN finish that blue sweater before the Big Day, they will tear off the gift paper, lift out the sweater front, back, and one sleeve and OOOOH and AAAAH and pretend to be oblivious to the fact that it isn’t finished.


For the last couple of years, I have been more disciplined. I’ve mostly stuck with smaller projects: hats, mitts, socks. Well, there was one scarf. But if I knit for that son, I really should really knit for the other son. And both DILs appreciate knitting….You see how it goes!

This year, I am joining the Holiday KAL Support Group on Ravelry, with Ancient Arts Yarns. There’s nothing like seeing others scrambling for the finish line to motive me! If they can do it, so can I! I can knit faster than Mary!

And then of course, there’s always January. The Holidays aren’t really over till the end of January, right???

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