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Roman Villa Shawl Kit

Designed by Caroline Sommerfeld


Each KIT includes the Pattern and the amount of Yarn required.

The Roman Villa shawl takes you on an archaeological expedition, touring an ancient Roman Villa; bring your knitting needles instead of your trowel to excavate the stunning details drawn from history! Roman villas embodied the ideal of living and were often built as multi-storey buildings with under-floor heating that many would still envy today. Decoration could be elaborate, with villas being completed with stunning mosaic floors, and walls decorated with beautiful frescos depicting landscapes, gardens, myths, gods, heroes, people, animals, household scenes and more. This shawl echoes the layout of a typical Roman villa layout, incorporating colours, textures, and stitch patterns that draw on this rich legacy to create your own interpretation of wearable luxury.

Finished Measurements: Shawl measures width 211 cm / 83" tip to tip, across top of shawl and depth is 61 cm / 24" at centre front form top edge to bottom of border.

Yarn Requirements: one skein of each colour, for a total of 5 skeins.

Colour Combinations The sample is shown in Irish Linen (MC), Denim 2 (CC1), Oak (CC2), French Bordeaux (CC3) and Night (CC4). 

  • Combo 1: Irish Linen (MC), Denim 2 (CC1), Oak (CC2), French Bordeaux (CC3) and Night (CC4). 
  • Combo 2: Irish Linen (MC), Dune Grass (CC1), Lavender and Lace (CC2), Nutmeg (CC3) and Night (CC4). 
  • Combo 3: Irish Linen (MC), Pebble (CC1), Rill (CC2), Cinnamon (CC3) and Fortuitous (CC4). 

Each kit includes the pattern and five 100g skeins of Lascaux DK weight yarn.

Errata Note:
Section 2 - Wall Fresco Row 8 should read as follows:

Row 8: Sl wyif, k1, sl wyib, k1; rep from to last 2 sts, k2.*

Lascaux DK 
25% Manx Loaghtan / 75% Punta Arenas Wool
250 meters / 273 yards per 100 gram / 3.5 oz skein


A download link for the pattern PDF will be sent to you when the Kit is ready to be shipped. It is included as part of the shipping confirmation notice.