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Lascaux Fine Pattern Collection - Small Accessories - E-Book

Lascaux Fine Pattern Collection - Small Accessories - EBook

Ancient Arts has always been about connections; connections between the past and the present, between people and nature, and between people from around the world. It’s also about the textile arts that are so vital to these connections.

This collection celebrates a very special yarn, Lascaux Fine, which speaks to the very heart of these connections between people and places and times. It’s made with Old World rare breed heritage sheep’s wool and New World Punta Arenas wool, blending the old and the new and all the traditions and history between the two. We asked designers from around the world to showcase these ideas and what this yarn can do, and we hope you will agree the results are stunning!

People have used yarns and garments for many millennia to make statements about who we are, who we want to be, and about loving each other. For me this yarn and this design collection offer all of that history in a fresh new modern and yet classic form.

 This e-book includes the following patterns:

  • Kaze Hat by Duke of Nikko
  • Polar Vortex Hat by Maria Do Souto
  • Coffee Break Hat and Scarf by Kate Schimmer
  • Autumn Blossom Hat and Mittens by Jessie McKitrick