Yarn Colours

Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts is the result of a lifelong passion for all forms of the textiles arts.  Passion for the textile arts is a part of all societies, and humanity overall has had a relationship with various forms of textile creation for over 30,000 years.  The company name and ethic draws on this relationship, acknowledging that all textile arts such as knitting and crochet, or spinning and weaving, connect us with our ancestors, and make us who we are.

Here at Ancient Arts we use only the best quality yarns in order to ensure your creative journey is superior.  We draw our inspiration for our beautiful colours from three places:  nature, art, and stories of everyday life.  Our colours begin with primary pigments, and are dyed using an immersion style dye process, which draws on the principles of water colour painting in order to give each colour way luminosity, character, and light, no matter how saturated the hue.  Colour is gently applied in layer after layer, building exquisite tones that present a story in each skein of yarn, and allow us to capture the complexity of the world around us.  

Ancient Arts Yarn Colours (click to see larger image) 

 Not available on lace or bulky yarns.   Not available on silk / linen lace yarn.