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Patchwork Fields Shawl Kit

Cezanne and Gold Mine
Antique and Pieces of Eight
All Things to All People and Islands in the Sea
French Lavender Fields and Kismet
Machu Picchu and Dune Grass
Designed by Caroline Sommerfeld

Each KIT includes the Pattern and the amount of Yarn required


The City of Calgary lies at the place where the prairies give way to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. To the east of the city lie the prairies, with a patchwork of farmer’s fields stretching as far as the eye can see. To the west of the city lies the Rocky Mountains, and the rolling foothills that lead up to them. This shawl brings together the colours and geography that surround Calgary, in a patchwork of fields and colours that evoke both the prairies and looking out from the city towards the mountains! 

This design is a heart-shaped triangle shawl. This shaping means the shawl hugs you like a warm prairie day and is light and easy to wear because the shape makes the shawl stay on the shoulders. The patchwork is created through a simple use of intarsia, but if you prefer not to work intarsia you can simply make the shawl striped. It is finished with a contrast i-cord edging to stabilize and finish the bottom edge.

Finished Measurements: The shawl measures 81”/206cm from tip to tip, and 33”/84cm from center point to inner edge

The Deluxe Kit includes two skeins of Socknado (one variegated and one tonal), one skein of luxurious Merino silk Mohair laceweight in the same tonal colourway, (as the two tonal skeins will be knit together) and the pattern.

The Regular Kit includes one skein of Socknado in Cezanne - Still Life, one skein of Bunny Hug in Gold Mine, and the pattern.

A download link for the pattern PDF will be sent to you when the Kit is ready to be shipped. It is included as part of the shipping confirmation notice.