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Gnome MKAL 10 in Bulky Weight

Cerulean / River Rock / Syrah by Moonlight
Little Wild Things / Amethyst / Paxos
Whales in the Water / A Midnight Clear / Creme de la Creme

Choose Your Own Gnome Adventure - Imagined Landscapes MKAL 10

The Bulky Weight Gnome is offered in Big Squeeze Bulky

Meet Gnorton - the Intergnational Gnome of Mystery!

This little fella comes in many guises - and you get to decide which disguise he's wearing for you!

For this MKAL, you have the power of choice!

  • You get to pick which weight of yarn you want to work with - fingering, worsted, or bulky.
  • You pick the size of gnome - a medium or a large,
  • Then you pick the colour palette for your mystery Gnome,
  • Hats, beards, body, nose, and arms…for each body part you will get at least two options to pick from!

We have 3 colour options for the Bulky weight Gnome kits:

  • Cerulean, River Rock, And Syrah by Moonlight
  • Little Wild Things, Amethyst, and Paxos
  • Whales in the Water, A Midnight Clear, and Creme de la Creme

The Medium kit contains 2 skeins of 116 m (1 each for C1 and C2), and 1 skein of 29 m (C3).
The Large kit contains 3.5 skeins of 116 m (1.5 for the hat, and 2 for the body)and 1 skein of 58m (C3).


*Please note that our kits do not include the Gnome pattern, which is only available through Imagined Landscapes. To learn more about the Gnome MKAL, go to Imagined Landscapes website, where the pre-KAL information will be made available on August 2nd. The first clue will be released on September 2nd!