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A Year of Gnomes

Imagined Landscapes is hosting a year long GNOME PARTY, and Ancient Arts is delighted to be part of it! We are donating prizes for the draws - but to enter a draw, you must go to Imagined Landscapes web page!

It's a very simple KAL with simple rules:

  •  You can make any number of gnomes from any Imagined Landscapes pattern. Use your stash or buy a curated Gnome kit.
  • You can enter one gnome made in each month for a chance to win quarterly prizes. 
  •  There’s a special prize category for people who make a gnome every month in 2022.

You can join the party at any time in the year, and you can knit as many gnomes as you like! You don't have to be an expert knitter to make a gnome - in fact it is a great way to learn new techniques as Sarah has videos and tutorials for all the gnome bits. 

This is going to be so much fun - the possibilities for this KAL are e-gnome-ous! You could knit a group of different Gnomes in a similar colour palette for a Gnome Family photo, or you could knit the same gnome in different seasonal colours. How fun would it be to knit the same gnome in Valentine's, Easter, Hallowe'en and Christmas outfits? Then switch them out and see how long it takes for anyone else to notice 🤣

Gnome Kits (Gnocchi - May 2022)
Gnome Kits (Gnocchi - May 2022) from $27.00
Office Party Gnome Kit
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Pumpkin Spice Gnome Kits
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Fireside Gnome Kit
Fireside Gnome Kit $32.00
Comfort Gnome Kit
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Berry Gnome Kit
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Happy Gnome Kit
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Mossy Gnome Kit
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Spicy Gnome Kit
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Tasty Gnome Kit
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Woodsy Gnome Kit
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