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This elegant yet simple scarf pattern is ideal for showing off your favourite luxury yarns. Dress it up by using pure silk yarn, or make it into day time wear using your favourite sock yarn. This pattern works well with both hand painted yarns and semi-solid yarns.

Size: Wide scarf measures 48’ x 8.5’, narrow scarf measures 80’x4.5’ (wide scarf is shown).
May be adapted to make a stole (use double the listed yarn quantity).
Materials: For short wide scarf approximately 182m (200yds) silk or other luxury yarn
For narrow long scarf approximately 182m (200yds) silk or other luxury yarn
Elegant Evening Scarf
Note: The scarf shown in this pattern was knit using Ancient Arts 100% Mulberry Silk hand painted yarn in the Fall Birch colour way. In order to duplicate the way the colour has patterned in triangles and diamonds, this scarf requires either the listed silk yarn painted in a two-tone colour way, or a similar two-tone yarn with a skein diameter of 60 inches. The patterning consists of colour pooling that is naturally formed by knitting a row length that uses approximately 28 inches of the 30 inches of each colour on the yarn. By using this yarn the colours will migrate from side to side of the scarf as the knitting progresses without any additional work at patterning. You can adapt this pattern to using shorter diameter skeins by adjusting the number of 4 stitch lace repeats to match the length of colour repeats in the yarn you have chosen. All you need to do is to choose a number of repeats that leaves 1-2 inches of each colour left at the end of a row.
Suggested Yarns: Ancient Arts 100% Mulberry Silk 4 ply (fingering) yarn (model show in this
pattern is knit in this yarn) 182m (200yds)
70% Cashmere / 30% Silk 4 ply (fingering) yarn 200m (219 yds)
Any other Ancient Arts 4 ply/fingering/sock weight yarn or yarn of your
Needles: 5.0 mm needles (use 4.5 mm if you knit with a very loose tension)



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