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Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts specializes in unique and unusual fibre offerings for the spinner interested in working with exotic fibres, high quality exotic fibre blends, and cottons. We also carry premium supported spindles, drop spindles, fibre related tools, knitting accessories, and select books.

We are also the home of Ancient Arts Hand Dyed Yarns, our line of top quality knitting and weaving yarns.

This business is the result of many years of trying to find superior exotic fibres, fibre preparations, and knitting yarns in a limited market.  In the course of this search I found I was not alone - many spinners and knitters want something just a little different, but don't want to sacrifice quality, price, or time.  This is where Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts comes in.  All of our fibres, yarns, and tools are carefully selected to be of the highest quality, while maintaining prices that are affordable.

Our hand dyed knitting yarns use only the best quality yarn bases available, are dyed with low impact environmentally friendly dyes, and come in dye lots of up to 1.2 kilos of yarn (at this time). The number of skeins in each lot varies from 12 to 24 depending on the type of yarn and size of skein.  We keep 26 undyed yarn bases in stock at all times, including merino, BFL, alpaca, cashmere, silk, camel down, yak, and blended fibre yarns, so that custom dye orders can be quickly and easily filled.     in each lot will vain

For our spinning fibre preparation we use only the best mini-mills who have extensive experience in working with these fibres, so you can be certain that our products are properly dehaired and carded, thus making them a breeze to spin.  In addition we are able to offer many unique blends of exotic fibres found no where else on the market. Our specialty blends make spinning exotic fibre simple and easy, and we are always open to suggestions for new products.

Exotic fibres are very rewarding to work with, since in addition to the exquisite handle and unique quality of the yarns that can be made from exotic fibres, a little exotic fibre will go a very long way! For instance, 50 - 75 grams of an exotic fibre or fibre blend when spun as a fingering weight yarn will provide sufficient yarn to make a nice scarf, cowl, or mini-shawl. Many exotic fibres are much warmer than wool, and therefore can be spun into fine yarns to produce the same effect as a much heavier wool item.

If you are unsure how much of a particular yarn, fibre, or fibre blend to purchase for the project you have in mind, please do not hesitate to ask for advice on the quantity that you will require. We will be more than happy to assist you in choosing exactly the right fibres for your project, and in determining how much you will need.










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